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When we speak with our clients, we often here the same things

  • We want to offer a retirement benefit that is competitive but differentiates amongst our peers.
  • We need a program that can help us recruit and retain employees; especially key employees
  • Our HR staff have limited time and resources to ensure we are in compliance with a complex array of administrative processes
  • We have questions on IRS and DOL rules as it relates to 401(k) plans and we have no one that can really help us

At EZTPA, our goal is to help our clients offer retirement plans that deliver more for their employees, more for their organization and more for their shareholders.

401(k) and Defined Benefit Plan Administration

As the designated third-party administrator, our goal at EZTPA is to be responsive to your inquiries, making sure your participants have access to their dollars when they need all the while making sure your plan is in compliance with the IRS and DOL rules. As part of our services, we will design the retirement plan documents for your 401(k) and Defined benefit plans. We will ensure your plan follows IRS non-discrimination requirements and we will prepare your annual returns (form 5500-SF) as required by the IRS.

Retirement Plan Design Optimization

As part of our core responsibilities, we will design a retirement plan that meets the needs of your organization. Our clients generally have one of these three goals :

  • Provide a competitive retirement plan benefit relative to their industry peers
  • Provide a retirement plan that helps to recruit and retain staff members
  • Design a plan that maximizes contribution to the C-suite

Depending on your goals and the cashflow of your organization, it is very often that we can accomplish all three for you.

Defined Benefit Plan Actuarial Services

Through our network of actuaries and part of our plan design optimization services, EZTPA is able to help our clients legally tax-shelter significant portions of their incomes, reduce their current year taxable income and set aside meaningful dollars for retirement. As we evaluate your needs, our defined benefit services might be a good fit your organization.

Payroll Integration

If you offer a 401(k) plan but you don’t need a full fiduciary program, our payroll integration program might be of value. As part of your responsibilities as an employer, it is important to ensure that the 401(k) contributions of employees are deposited in a timely fashion. For many of our clients, this can be an issue. Through (k)Validate, LLC, we are able to help our clients ensure they make timely deposits to their 401(k) recordkeepers.

Fiduciary Risk Management

As either the delegated 3(21)A or 3(16) operational fiduciary, (k)Validate LLC is able to assume all of the fiduciary responsibility and risk of offering a retirement plan to your employees. When you choose to offer a 401(k) plan to your employees, there is a tremendous amount of work your HR department is responsible for on a day to day basis. From payroll deferral calculations, to administering loans and distributions to sending out legal notices, 401(k) related administrative responsibilities are substantial and time consuming. To help your staff save time and resources, you can shift those day to day administrative duties to (k)Validate, LLC. With our proprietary software, we make plan administration easier by instituting quality controls around the administrative tasks associated with sponsoring a 401(k) plan.